November 10, 2010

Humor webzine release party sends Knox a-Quiver-ing

What do beaver dams, disclaimers and Tickle Me Freud have in common? Normally not much, but at “Quiver’”s release party on Nov. 6 in Ferris Lounge, these random items showcased Knox’s knack for comedic writing.

The party celebrated the release of “Diminished Capacity”, the humor-centric fall edition of Knox’s genre zine.

“Genre writing at Knox is bigger than people realize,” said junior Erik Hane, a “Diminished Capacity” editor. “We have some hilarious writers and you should check it out.”

Most of the reception was devoted to authors reading their submissions. Junior Katie Baer and her boyfriend read her script about two feuding beaver siblings called “Dam.”

Freshman Connor Schmidt amused the audience with his story “Buddha Cat,” which described his obese cat in the terms of an ancient enlightened being.

The biggest winner of the night was junior Ben Lee. His story “A Series of Disclaimers for a ‘Piece’ that Probably Isn’t Very Good” won both the Editor’s Choice award and the Fan Favorite award—which was determined by an audience vote—with its awkward brand of humor. As a prize, the editors awarded him a Tickle Me Freud doll, which Lee said, “reminds me of my father.”

The story, which begins with an ever-lengthening series of disclaimers, describes the misadventures of a college student, not entirely unlike the author.

Lee, who originally wrote the piece for a class last year, said, “[The story] started as nonfiction segments that didn’t connect.”

The pieces all seemed to tie together so Lee added some fictional elements and made it one story. He thought it would be funny to add a disclaimer to the story, and then he added another, and another. It was not long before he realized that he had his story.

“I was talking to the editors,” Lee said. “It was past the first submission deadline, and they were down on pieces.”

Luckily for “Quiver”’s readers, Lee thought back to his story from the year before.

In addition to comic stories and scenes, the reception also boasted an odd spread of food. “We have classy cheese like Caxton Club and twice the sugar of your childhood,” said a note on the food table. In addition to the (string) cheese and Goldfish crackers which are omnipresent at receptions, “Quiver” served up Gushers fruit snacks, Capri Sun juice drinks and candy sushi, which consisted of Fruit Roll Ups wrapped around a Rice Krispy treat wrapped around gummy candy. These droll food choices only enhanced the night’s sparkling mood.

The next issue of “Quiver” features children’s and young adult literature from “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.” Submissions are open for all Knox students and will be collected sometime during late Winter Term.

“Diminished Capacity” can be found online at

Paige Anderson
Paige Anderson is a junior double majoring in computer science and creative writing. This is her second year as co-Mosaic editor. Outside of TKS, Paige has written for Knox’s Office of Communications and for her high school newspaper; her in-depth work won a third-place medal in the Redwood Empire Excellence in Journalism Awards competition. Paige will intern at Amazon during the summer of 2013.

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