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Faculty committee discusses Greek life, course load

The faculty executive committee met to discuss the decision not to create a Greek subcommittee and the proposal by Psychology professor Tim Kasser to lower the credit graduation requirement to 34. Dean of the College Lawrence Breitborde was absent from this meeting, and the committee seemed reluctant to take action without the chair.

The first topic of discussion was the Student Life Committee’s (SLC) decision to not create a “Greek subcommittee.” The implication of not creating this subcommittee is that SLC will explicitly take on the role of overseeing social fraternities and sororities. Professor of Physics Chuck Schulz agreed with keeping the structure efficient so long as SLC can perform this task to the satisfaction of the faculty.

The conversation turned to the question of advising for social fraternities and sororities. Dean of Students Debbie Southern expressed reluctance at formally advising fraternities given the perceived conflict of interest that arose during the tenure of her predecessor. However, she noted that since Greeks are students, helping them is part of her job. Schulz voiced support for a dedicated Greek advisor. Professor of History Michael Schneider expressed concern regarding the sixth clause in SLC’s proposal, which vaguely proposed a Greek advising body. The committee decided to defer action until January.

The second order of business was the proposal of Kasser. Schneider spoke against the compromise of requiring 35 credits for graduation, citing the argument made in TKS. Associate Professor of Mathematics Andrew Leahy asked why Knox’s high course load in comparison to Beloit for example is not a selling point. He said, “You get more bang for your buck—16 percent more classes.” The committee members agreed that it needed to gather more information from Kasser, the registrar and the dean before moving forward on the issue.

Schneider inquired how the committee felt about the direction in which the speaker resolution has taken. Specifically, he wondered if it should not just be tabled. Schulz and Leahy made the case for “letting the chips fall as they may.” The committee decided not to take any action on the resolution.

This was the last faculty committee meeting for the term.

Maxwell Galloway-Carson

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