Discourse / Letters / November 17, 2010

Letters to the Editor: Response to Mr. Sedgwick and Ms. Sawyer

I am very saddened to hear your sentiments about Knox students. I find it hypocritical, however, to judge us for supposedly judging you. Just as I chose not to judge all Galesburg residents on the actions of, for example, those who recently physically harassed Knox students on the Knox campus, I would hope that Galesburg residents would not judge all Knox students on the actions (or in this case, lack thereof) of some of us. Personally, I have completed an internship with Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center and continue to volunteer with their crisis line, received volunteer training through WIRC-Victims Services in Macomb to support victims of sexual assault, participated in the HIV/AIDS Taskforce of Knox County, volunteered with the Family Planning organization Initiative for Girls for adolescent girls in Galesburg, have volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of Knox County regularly, initiated a program with the goal of providing Galesburg teens with information about safe sex should they so request it, and volunteered at various community events through the service of Greek organizations and honor societies to which I belong. What else would you like me to do?

Arianna Timko

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