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Class premiers songs

The students of Music 295F, Songwriting, have been spending the term under the tutelage of Professor and Chair of Music Bruce Polay, studying the craft of songwriting. The course, involving both music theory students and non-music students, has taught students the musical and lyrical aspects of songwriting. The class will be showcasing their work on Reading Day, Saturday, Nov. 20 at Cherry Street Restaurant and Bar from 2 to 4 p.m.

“I’ve loved it. Even though I’m not a music student at all,” said sophomore Casey Kezior, who was a lyricist for the class.

“Originally, Bruce designed the class for students who have had at least Music Theory Two. There are a lot of students who haven’t, and he’s been really accommodating,” Kezior said.

“We’ve been working all term on these songs, and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from each other and from Bruce,” junior Chelsea Coventry, a musician in the class, said.

The class has brought together musicians and writers in a collaborative environment where they have worked together to create their songs.

“I’m a lyricist – I’m actually an English major, and I write poetry,” Kezior said. “It [the class] has really made me rethink how to write for songs.”

Speaking about why people should come to the recital, Coventry said, “It’s a chance to have a break on Reading Day and hear something for everybody. I’m playing my cello, and people will be playing their guitars.”

Ben Reeves

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