Campus / News / November 18, 2010

Students rise to video challenge

In response to the e-mail issued to all students by Helmut Mayer, seniors David Kurian and Peter Walker, online editor of TKS, submitted a silent film portraying a day in life of an Eco-Takeouts Clamshell container user. Kurian and Walker had seen other entries online and after a day or two of planning, they set their ideas into action.

The contest, sponsored by Eco-Takeouts, called for entries from any college or university student whose school uses the Eco-Takeout containers. The videos were meant to be educational and five minutes or less in length.

Although the contest was created to spread awareness of the benefits of using Eco-Takeout containers rather than traditional Styrofoam ones for the environment’s benefit, Kurian and Walker admit the real appeal of the contest came in the form of $2,500—the prize for first place.

The video was filmed all in one day. Kurian and Walker woke up at six in the morning to film Old Main as the sun rises on the campus, creating a very surreal aesthetic effect. They also filmed many other scenes that did not turn out as well as they had hoped. According to Kurian, the video was edited and polished by ten that night.

Even though Walker is a computer science major, the two mainly created the video for the fun of the project. They have collaborated together on several small projects in the past such as DJing and art ventures. Although they lost the contest to the Rhode Island School of Design, they feel it was a fair competition.

Allison Bader

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