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Galesburg resident attacked

Last Thursday, Jan. 6, Campus Safety sent out a campus wide e-mail about two incidents that possibly compromised the personal safety of students on campus. One incident happened on Sunday, Jan. 2 and the second on Tuesday, Jan. 4.

A Galesburg resident reported that on Tuesday, around 11:30 p.m., he was approached by three males that, Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf said, “kept saying something to the effect of ‘who are you with?’ That gave the victim the impression that it was gang affiliated.”

Schlaf also said that if there was any gang affiliation in this case, it is not known.

After asking him this, a fight broke out with the individual, who is 17 years old. The victim was stabbed once in the shoulder and also was cut on his hands.

“He’s fine,” Schlaf said. “His injuries were minor.”

As stated in the e-mail regarding what happened that Sunday, “The student reported that a male had approached him near the intersection of West and Tompkins Street and appeared to be holding a red handled pocket knife (similar to a Swiss Army knife). The blade did not appear to be open.

Schlaf said, “No conversation happened between the two, no indication of a robbery attempt.” He said, from the student’s report, it seemed like the person with what was possibly a Swiss Army knife was trying to frighten the student.

After this incident, said student ran back to his dorm and Campus Safety was contacted.

Schlaf said the Galesburg Police Department has developed suspects in the stabbing incident and is hopeful that they will soon be able to make an arrest.

Even though the second incident did not involve Knox students, Schlaf said that he wanted to include it in an alert to campus because it was not clear where it happened. If it did happen near campus, he wanted people to be aware of it.

“More recent information suggests that the second incident may not have taken place near the campus at all,” Schlaf said. “The 17-year-old is new to the area, and he may have not understood exactly where it took place. [The incident] might have taken place further west.”

Schlaf said that the incidents on Sunday and Tuesday may be related, but there is no certainty that they are. The first incident did not result in any injuries but did make a Knox student fear for his safety.

Annie Zak

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