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Top Ten Most Memorable Sports Moments

10. Decade of Isiah Thomas, 2001-2010: Ran the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) into the ground? Check. Ruined the Indiana Pacers? Check. Ditto for the New York Knicks? Check.

9. Allan Ray’s eye pops out at Madison Square Garden, March 2006: In a loss to Pittsburgh in the Big East tournament, Ray’s eye became dislodged from his head, kind of. I can’t describe it. If you’re morbid enough, look it up.

8. George Mason goes to Final Four, March 2006: From bubble team to the Final Four, George Mason beat Michigan State, North Carolina, Wichita State and UCONN to reach the semifinals. Bonus points for being led by groin-punching guard Tony Skinn.

7. Tiger Slam, April 2001: Tiger, despite his later indiscretion, proved he was the greatest golfer ever, holding all four “major” titles at once (Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championship).

6. Statue of Liberty, January 2007: Boise State pulled out a bunch of tricks in their 43-42 overtime upset of Oklahoma. Bonus points for FOX sideline reporter Chris Meyers ruining running back Ian Johnson’s postgame proposal to his cheerleading girlfriend.

5. Palace Brawl, November 2004: People already knew Ron Artest was crazy, but this sealed it, as he threw haymakers at (deserving) fans who moseyed onto the court and fans who threw things at him from the stands.

4. PRACTICE?!, May 2002: Allen Iverson provides the greatest sound bite of all time. Would post the transcript, but it doesn’t pop off the page like it should.

3. Brett Favre scandal, summer and fall of 2010: Ah, revanche.

2. Deron Williams hits “the shot,” part two, March 2005: After laying an egg through the first 36 minutes against Arizona, the Illini turned a 75-60 deficit into a 90-89 overtime victory. The highlight came on Deron Williams’ game-tying three pointer. Jay Bilas’ grunt when it drops is forever burned in my memory. Aside: would be higher up if Illini didn’t lose in the title game (foul on Augie).

1. White Sox win World Series, October 2005: Winning 11 out of 12, the White Sox absolutely dominated the postseason, winning a long-awaited championship for the city.

Kevin Morris

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