Discourse / Editorials / January 20, 2011

Thoughts on war

It just kind of occurred to me recently. We are at war.

And I’m not 100 percent sure people get what’s going on. I mean… I get that you know and you understand, but I’m not quiet sure it’s really getting through. Cause I know we read the paper…but I’m just not seeing the response that I kind of think we should be having (panic, some concern of some type). And it’s totally on me too, and it’s weird how I feel kinda bad… but I can turn that off like I can flip a light switch, easy peasy. We just don’t feel a risk cause we’re so removed from it, and without that risk there is no response of “Holy merciful crap, we’re at war!”

New thought: think about that sentence. “WE’RE at war.” The operative word I’m getting at is the “we” part. Cause when you think about it our passivity and indifference to it is taken as approval, and our sporadic complaints are disregarded (cause of all the passivity). Or disregarded by each other because we get discouraged at how many people don’t object to us.

But yeah back to the “we” thing. We are at war. I am at war, you are at war. Your professor is at war. Your grandmother is at war. The guy that does your dry cleaning is at war. The dude that did my taxes at H&R Block is at war. We, the populous, are the majority in this war. Not the soldiers or the senators or whatever government pushes this thing. It’s our seeming approval that keeps this on trucking. Ooh, and it gets weirder cause we aren’t actually doing the fighting… but everyone openly says, “WE are at war”.

Am I the only one that thinks this is weird? Stop emoticoning and start emoting. Go talk to your friends.

Gabe Paz

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