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Tweeting life in 140 characters or less

From Kanye West to local and national businesses to that girl sitting next to you in your third hour class, Twitter is creating a social network revolution.

What is Twitter, you ask? According to the Twitter website, it is “a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations.” So what exactly does that mean? Basically, users have a profile similar to a Facebook wall consisting of posts, or ‘tweets,’ each 140 characters or less.

Using these posts, one can rant about his or her daily life, post witty remarks and use it to keep up with his or her favorite stores, companies and celebrities.

“I mostly use Twitter for humor. It’s helped me with my writing in my Creative Writing major, because I’m constantly editing things down to get them to 140 characters. And having over 3,500 followers makes me a bit of a perfectionist, though I still post a lot of fun, stupid stuff,” senior Katie Johnston said, (@katiejohnston) who created her Twitter account her sophomore year.

Another fellow Knox-Tweeter sophomore Alicia Niles’ (@alleykat687) favorite thing about Twitter is, “that it’s like having a blog devoted to pseudo-ADD. It adds a little bit of humor to my life. You know how they say everyone’s a critic? Well, everyone on Twitter is a comic.”

Comic is right. Who can forget the hilarious tweets from Kanye West, which have taken over Internet memes everywhere, including a recent song parody sung by Josh Groban. From humorous to straight up absurd, Kanye’s tweets vary from, “i hate when im on a flight & I wake up with a water bottle next 2 me like oh great now i gotta be responsible for this water bottle,” to “ Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on.”

“My favorite thing has been following some of the same people for years and still enjoying their jokes and their tweets,” Johnston said. “I also really enjoy sites like, which show the most-starred tweets of the day. It’s a great way to find some of the funniest Twitter-ers and tweets out there right now (though the most-followed people aren’t necessarily the funniest). I’ve gotten to meet some great people in real life through Twitter, like @sween, who is I think still the third most-followed person on Twitter. He’s just a Canadian computer guy who likes to make jokes about his wife and his cats, and Twitter has completely changed his life (he has 1.1 million followers!),” she said.

Whether your interests are humor, business, design or pop culture, there is a community for just about everyone on Twitter.

Ashley Wolfgang

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