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Community resources available to students

Galesburg has many public services that are available for Knox students to use. Many of these places provide discount or benefit programs to students to encourage them to visit and utilize them.

One such service is Family Planning Service of Western Illinois, Inc (311 E. Main St.). They provide all types of family planning services in a confidential manner. One service that is provided free of charge is that female students are given free examinations annually if they need them.

According to junior Katrina Firor, “You get a full free exam: a pap smear, breast exam and pelvic examination once a year.”

Family Planning also provides services to test and treat sexually transmitted infections.

Another public service located in Galesburg that encourages Knox students to use its facilities is the Galesburg Public Library (40 E. Simmons Street.). Any Knox student is able to use the library to borrow books and audiovisual materials, as well as to use the library’s meeting spaces.

According to Assistant Director and Reference Supervisor of the Galesburg Public Library Jane Easterly, there is programming that the library organizes in which Knox students can also take part. One type of programming that is provided are book sessions in which people discuss certain books, such as the Harry Potter series.

“Whenever a new Harry Potter book comes out, we have a Harry Potter discussion program that people can come to and meet to discuss the book.” Easterly said.

Other students simply come to use the abundance of space the library offers and meet to work on projects in one of the meeting rooms. There is also a strong connection between the Galesburg Public Library and the Knox Seymour Library.

“If a student wants to borrow a book from the Seymour Library that is at the Galesburg Public Library, we will sometimes send a book over there, and vice versa,” Easterly said.

Yet another public service offered in Galesburg is public transportation. One such service is the Galesburg Transit City Bus. This service provides discounted fares to student riders who show a Knox ID. Furthermore, punch tickets are offered to students who ride often. By going to City Hall and paying $5 for a punch ticket, a student can ride on a Galesburg Transit City Bus 16 times. Another option is the Saturday pass, in which a student can get unlimited rides for a chosen day.

For more specific transportation needs, a student can call a cab from Lucky Cab or S&G Taxi. While there are a few different transportation options, many students find alternative ways to get around.

“I don’t use taxis that much because I know people who already have cars,” senior George Abariotis said.

While there are many resources that Knox students can use on campus, Galesburg provides multiple other venues for students to find what they need.

Chris Sikami

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