Arts & Culture / Mosaic / February 2, 2011

I-Fair Food Fair

I-Fair Food Fair, although slightly smaller than in years past, had both a tasty and unusual gustatory bouquet. The most unusual was surely Chinese Club’s chicken feet. Although the feet themselves largely lacked flavor or meat and looked like, well, feet, the sauce that they were cooked in was sweet and full of flavor. Sucking on the feet proved more succulent than trying to eat them.

The winners in terms of goodness and flavor were an apple/almond pastry from the French table, and all of the offerings from Lo Nuestro (a Mexican beef dish and a Puerto Rican rice dish).

In the end, the Food Fair was, as always, worthwhile — making other cultures imminently accessible to students, faculty, staff and community members alike. This year’s fair also came with some improvements over previous years, particularly the fact that plenty of water was made available (sometimes an issue in previous years). All in all, a success for I-Fair.

Ben Reeves

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