Discourse / Letters / February 2, 2011

To Roger: a thank you to the staff

President Roger Taylor,

As doubtlessly there is enough occasion for complaint in the world, we would like to take this moment to praise a few members of the Knox staff.

As you may have realized, Galesburg has fallen underneath a fair amount of snow in the past few days, and though such a rarity inspired celebration for many, the enormous blizzard occasioned for others something less exciting—that is, normal responsibilities under strained, difficult and altogether abnormal conditions.

We speak, of course, of the hard work of Knox College’s dining, facilities, Campus Safety, library and student service workers. Members of these teams did not get to enjoy a break from work; instead they found themselves serving corned beef during a blackout, attempting to fight off enormous snowdrifts even as the night blew towards midnight, and dealing with all of the safety hazards that come with cold temperatures. Their work ensured safety and comfort for each student, and for their commitment to this school and their selflessness, they should be thanked.

We were also happy to hear that the members of Knox College’s staff were properly taken care of during the blizzard. Because many staff members’ cars were buried in the snow, security took especial measures to transport workers. This kind of care is essential—because so many individuals decided to see that we students were taken care of, it is important we take equal measures to ensure their well-being.

We hope that the recent blizzard was not only an occasion for rest but also an occasion for each member of the Knox community to carefully consider the extraordinary individuals that the college employs at every level.


The Students of Knox College

C: Helmut Mayer, Director of Dining Services

Bradley Gregory, Director of Building Services

John Schlaf, Director of Campus Saftey

Jeff Douglas, Library Director

Annie Zak, Editor-in-Chief of The Knox Student

The Students of Knox College

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