Sports / February 2, 2011

Monmouth dodges loss in dodgeball showdown

Bringing back childhood memories for a good cause was the reason behind the 1st Street Armory’s Jive Turkey Throwdown in Monmouth on Saturday.

The tournament pitched Monmouth College students against Knox College students, and included a round between staff members of each school. Each round consisted of three games lasting three minutes each, with the best of three games moving on to the next round.

The proceeds of the tournament went to website development for, a social services website in need of money to translate the site into Spanish.

Unfortunately for the organizers, the tournament hosted only eight of the original 16 teams that signed up to participate.

Sophomore Amanda Lee, one of the organizers of the tournament, thought the tournament showing was less than what was hoped for due to I-Fair and other conflicting schedules.

“We are in a learning stage,” said John White, intercultural outreach coordinator at the 1st Street Armory. “Next year it will be better.”

White and Lee both hope to see the Throwdown turn into an annual event next year. “ I will do a better job at advertising and not putting it on I-Fair weekend,” Lee said.

“It was really lame actually,” sophomore Rup Sarkar said, who played in two rounds on losing teams.

On top of the poor showing of teams in the tournament, the teams for Knox were quickly outmatched by the Monmouth teams. The only Knox team to win in the first round, the Ultimate Frisbee team, quickly lost in the second round due to many players leaving after the first game.

Freshman Drew Diaz had a theory as to why. “[Monmouth’s] teams were made up of mainly male athletes and only one woman, while we had more women and less athletes.”

Diaz was the only varsity sport athlete from Knox playing and easily one of the best players for Knox. The Ultimate Frisbee team was mainly composed of members of the club sport.

To win the Jive Turkey trophy, the final game between faculty and staff teams from both schools finished off the day with a tight battle. The Knox team won the first game, but lost the following two. Assistant Director of Admissions, Drew Flock, was the last player standing for the Knox team during the last two games.

“It was a fun and good Monmouth-Knox outreach playing off of the Bronze Turkey rivalry,” said Head Men’s Tennis Coach John Baillie.

The Monmouth team took home the Jive Turkey trophy, perhaps beginning a new rivalry to bring the two schools together for a good cause.

John Williams

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