Discourse / February 2, 2011

Sources: Additions made to Improv Show

Although the production of “Improvapalooza” earlier this term was public, the script for the production has been withheld from the public. A possible reason for this may be that uncredited adaptations to the script were made by student director Ben Lee as well as cast members.

Lee has declined to be interviewed by The Knox Student (TKS) or to provide a copy of the script; however, he said after opening night, “Thanks for coming to the Improv Show!… No, I don’t want to answer your questions. You’re weird.”

Junior McGyver*, the lead in the show, said that he was told to “make up lines” by Lee and that he did not know the origin of the lines. However, he did state, “I guess I sort of said stuff, and then everybody else went with it, and then I said more stuff.”

Furthermore, Interim Head of the Theatre Department at the University of Illinois Tommy Wiseau* said that failing to identify the addition of lines to a script or any major changes to a script is “ethically improper or ethically questionable, but I wouldn’t say it’s academically dishonest. Oh, hi, Mark!”

Professor and Chair of Theatre Liza Caroline-Mutz* said that she could not speculate about why the script was not made publicly available, even though the production was public. She said, “It’s improv. I don’t care.”

*Name has been changed because of possible repercussions in the Theatre Department.

Ben Lee

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