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More Senate money available than being spent

In the Round Room of CFA last Thursday, the Knox College Student Senate met for its weekly meeting. With no substantive business on the agenda, the meeting consisted entirely of committee reports, including treasurer junior Gordan Barratt’s reflection of the discretionary budget expenditures over the past term.

Barratt said that in looking over the numbers, he concluded that Senate could be doling out over $1,000 extra per meeting and still remain within the budget for the rest of the year. The large amount of unused club budgets returned to Senate after fall term was a factor in this analysis.

Dining Services Chair senior Sam Harrison also announced that Dining Services was looking into new possibilities for dining options in the Gizmo snack bar, including fresh popcorn and wraps added to the sub bar. Senator and senior Abe Zumwalt charged the Dining Services committee with eliminating Styrofoam containers from use at Knox.

As he held up such a Styrofoam cup, Zumwalt said that “It will outlast every hope, ambition and dream of every one of us here today,” and called for a more sustainable option.

The only actual item of business, a proposed confidential discussion with regards to the presidential candidates, was postponed by the chamber until the final candidate had visited campus.

Student Senate meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Round Room in the Ford Center for the Fine Arts.

Andrew Polk

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