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This blog has a ship made of meat

With the tagline “where dreams become heart attacks,” the blog This Is Why You’re Fat showcases humorous, disturbing and greasy pictures of overindulgent displays of massive amounts of food. When first visiting, the first picture I see is of a grilled cheese birthday cake. While it is an upgrade (or downgrade, depending on your viewpoint) of the classic grilled cheese, with three tiers and cheese whiz roses decorating the rim, it is still gross-looking.

The picture below the grilled cheese cake is a burrito unicorn, which caused me to burst out laughing. The burrito has a goofy smile made out of a pepper or tomato with jalapenos making up all appendages, including its only horn, and it seems to be bleeding hot sauce. Delicious. This display of culinary genius shows people will go to great lengths to use any leftover ingredients to show their love of unicorns.

The problem with this site is that amidst the pictures of 50-pound cheeseburgers, there are actually things I might want to try. Most likely not the meat ship made of bacon, sausages, pastry, franks and pork mince. I could just imagine its crispy bacon masts on top of sausage poles and hull made of uncooked bacon sailing its way into my arteries. But with all the grotesque, gut-busting food on this blog, it is tempting to try even some of the vilest manifests of the human mind, like deep-fried tater-tots and mac-n-cheese on a stick. Goodness help me.

If you’re looking for a blog with entertainment value and the gross-out factor, check out You may or may not regret it.

Sheena Leano

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