Campus / News / February 9, 2011

Finding a commencement speaker

As winter term comes to a close, talk about a potential Commencement speaker for the class of 2011 has been increasing. The process of choosing a Commencement speaker started winter term of last year when the class of 2011 was asked for suggestions. These suggestions were then compiled and voted down to a “top 10 wanted list.”

“Since then, the senior class officers have been working in conjunction with President [Roger] Taylor and the board of trustees to find a Commencement speaker. All of Knox’s commencement speakers are awarded an honorary degree, beyond that they are not compensated. Unfortunately, I can’t get much more specific than that because the details are quite strictly confidential,” senior class president Zak Kahn said.

No matter who the commencement speaker is, Kahn explained that, “all of the recent Commencement speakers have been innovators, leaders and incredibly impressive people that reflect Knox’s mission as an educational institution…each has given the graduating class a powerful message to carry into life after college, and the current senior class officers are committed to finding someone who will do the same for the class of 2011.”

Ashley Wolfgang

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