Campus / News / February 9, 2011

Knox hires new health coordinator

Melanie Lowe, a Galesburg native, has been hired as the new Student Health Services Coordinator as well as Secretary for the Office of Student Development. A stay-at-home mom for three years prior to being hired for her new position, Lowe said she was looking to go back to work and has a friend that works at Knox who helped her get hired.

“It’s very busy in here,” Lowe said. “I help them [the students] get signed up for their health insurance and get their immunization records current and on file.”

Her last job was working at Hill Correctional Center, also in Galesburg, where she worked for seven years.

Working at Knox appeals to Lowe because it gives her the chance to continue her studies.

“There are other opportunities here,” she said. “I can take classes for free, one a term.”

She said that she wants to eventually get another degree, though she is not yet sure what classes she plans to take.

“Something in business, administration,” she said. “I’d like to get my bachelor’s in that.”

In addition to being the Health Services Coordinator, which also entails contacting professors about student absences regarding health issues, Lowe is also a new secretary in the Office of Student Development, acting as support for staff such as Dean of Students Debbie Southern and Associate Dean of Students Heather Poppy.

Annie Zak

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