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Knox Honor Code up for review

The Honor Board has responded to students’ concerns about the Honor Code, and the Board itself, by beginning to institute a series of changes.

A survey given in the fall asking students about the Honor Board found that many had concerns about the Board or wanted more information, according to senior Ariana Tuckey, Co-chair of the Honor Board.

There were “concerns fall term from students and faculty regarding the transparency of our procedures and the actual Code itself,” said senior Tanya Novotnak, Co-chair of the Honor Board, adding “students are concerned with the democracy of the Board and the consistency of rulings.”

Members of the Board were also concerned by the attitude of the general student population toward the Honor Code.

Tuckey said that there is a “discord between the Honor Board and the rest of the student population.”

Freshman Nora McGinn also said, “The Honor Code isn’t as highly respected as it should be.”

The Board also wanted to find out why there has been a large increase in the number of cases in recent years.

Opening the discussion

To answer these questions and concerns the Board has started to hold open meetings, the first of which was on Tuesday.

New member selection and potential forums in the Gizmo were discussed in the meeting.

Gretchen Walljasper

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