Discourse / Letters / February 16, 2011

Letters to the Editor: Writing in to TKS

You know, I don’t know why more people don’t do this—write discourse articles or letters to the editor. I mean c’mon—it’s fun. It’s fun to see your name printed on something handed out to a campus of 1,400 students, fun to have someone say, “Hey I read that thing you wrote and I liked it,” and fun to get that fleeting feeling of being a big name in the social sphere (the number of Facebook friends you have will never count towards that).

You can send it to your mom and she can say to her friends, “Oh my kid writes op-ed pieces in the newspaper” to all her friends—and her feeling good makes you feel good, right?

Society has a funny way of putting op-ed writers on this intellectual pedestal even if what they write isn’t intellectual at all. Just look at most op-ed articles ever created in the history of newspapers—op-eds are kind of non-sequiturs in the grand scheme of things. But they are so much fun. That’s why we do ’em.

And, yeah, that’s another thing—you don’t need to write anything pivotal to society. That pedestal isn’t just for the scandal-exposing journalist or the international relations major theorizing new foreign affairs strategies or some sarcastic writer putting down quip after quip, backhanded compliment after backhanded compliment. Naw, it can be you, too!

Going back to the parent thing; can you imagine being able to say that something you created and raised from the time that it crapped its diaper is now writing things in the newspaper? Your parents (most of them) love your accomplishments. Remember, these are the people that were astonished when you started using the toilet and to this day brag if you did it before some other baby did.

It’s like a total self-esteem booster, and who doesn’t need one of those once in a while? I know I do: In my 200 level psych class out of 40+ students, 20+ got below a 17 out of 30 on the first exam. I was not exempt from that statistic and I’m a senior. So you know what I say to cheer myself up? “You bet your a** I’m writing an article for TKS this week!”

Self-esteem keeps you fightin’ your worst enemy—yourself.

So write down your thoughts (although they aren’t going to give you a penny for letters) and put them in TKS.

Gabe Paz

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