Campus / News / February 16, 2011

WOI: From colony to club

After five years of existence, the former colony Women of Influence (WOI) has chosen to end its pursuit of Greek life in favor of the club scene.

“WOI is becoming a club because we made the decision to stay localized on the Knox college campus. Technically, being a colony is something that you do, but you eventually have to move on with the process of finding a national sorority. Ever since we decided to stop pursuing Greek life, we knew we wanted to restructure ourselves as a group,” WOI President and senior Tomilola Olotu said.

Olotu insists the core values of the group will remain the same, and Philanthropy Chair and sophomore Rana Tahir echoed the same beliefs, saying, “What will change are procedural things, as group status now makes us more inclusive than a sorority, however, I must add that we do have certain expectations of our members.” She continued by saying, “We have made our presence on campus, we’ve shown dedication in bringing events to campus that are not just fun, as our party was last year, but educational and important, as our body image discussion was last year and our blackface discussion was this term.”

Though under the label of “club,” WOI Secretary and junior Kristyn Bridges stated that, “The mission is still the same. The essence of who we are as WOI will not change.” Women of Influence stress that they will continue to leave their mark on the Knox Campus: “We have had a lot of successful events and very good interaction with the campus, so there is no doubt that we can achieve the same goals as a club,” Olotu said.

Whitney Helm

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