Mosaic / Reviews / February 23, 2011

Double Tree Hotel cookies during ICPA

Last weekend, members of The Knox Student’s editorial staff went to Chicago to participate in the Illinois College Press Association’s award bonanza. TKS cleaned house, garnering 19 awards and many hate glances for our enthusiastic cheering. Forget the awards, the national acclaim, the amazing level of excellence exhibited at ICPA—it’s all about the cookies. We stayed at the Double Tree on East Ohio in Chicago, smack dab in the middle of downtown and swank as hell. Again, forget all that. At check in, we got cookies. Not like Oreos or Entenmann’s, but fresh out of the oven, baby-head sized, oatmeal-chocolate-chip masterpieces. I venture you to find more than five people who made it to the elevator before the heavenly smell emanating from the baked treats caused them to rip open the paper bags and destroy the cookies with tongues, teeth and peristalsis.

Upon first glance, the cookies were nothing to write home about. Further inspection yielded surprises never before seen in cookie technology. The edges were golden brown, crisp, but not hard, providing the type of first bite one only finds at five star gourmand attractions. Taken out of the oven at the perfect moment, the cookie was fully baked, but soft and melty, creamy and crunchy and, oh god kill me, they were so good. Tears were witnessed running down more than one cheek—though, to be fair, it could have been because TKS crushed the competition—and guests were left wondering, “Why do I get only one?” Well, losers, you could have gotten more had you been as smart as TKS and asked for more. I ate at least eight of those tasty morsels. So, people who say TKS sucks or we don’t write anything worth reading, step up your game; join the staff, there’s God cookies.

Sam Conrad

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