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TKS wins 2nd in general excellence

This past weekend, the staff of The Knox Student (TKS) attended the Illinois College Press Association (ICPA) conference. TKS attends the conference every year and attends workshops on such topics as journalism and law, interviewing skills and ethics in journalism. Last year, TKS won first place in general excellence for its division, and came close to the top this year again, winning second place in general excellence. TKS also won 19 other awards this year, competing with all schools in its division in the state of Illinois, taking home more than it has ever won before at ICPA.

Open division (all papers):

Critical review other than film: 1st place, Ben Reeves

Shoot Chicago photography contest: 2nd place, John Williams

Awards for TKS in its division (non-daily newspapers at schools under 4,000 students):

General excellence: 2nd place

Front page layout: 1st place, Anna Meier and Katy Sutcliffe

In-depth reporting: 1st place, Anna Meier

Photo essay: 1st place, Liz Thomas

Headline writing: 1st place, Ben Reeves and Liz Thomas

Feature photo: 1st place, Tara Jarvie and 2nd place, John Williams

Sports game story: 1st place, Ben Reeves

News story: 2nd place, Annie Zak and Laura Miller

Sports column: 2nd place and 3rd place, Kevin Morris

Sports photo: 2nd place and honorable mention, John Williams

Sports news story: Honorable mention, Kevin Morris

News photo: Honorable mention, John Williams

Feature story: Honorable mention, Sarah Colangelo

Sports page design: Honorable mention, Colin Davis and John Williams.

TKS Staff

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