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Did You Know: The Office

Love “The Office?” Me too. So why not read some fun facts about the series that tell a lot about the characters and maybe even the people behind it? Onward, ho!

1. “The Office” pays homage to the original British show “The Office” in several ways. Because “The Office” (American version) does not use the famous insert shots the original version did, they are instead used in the original opening credits. That’s something to look for!

2. Another homage “The Office” pays to the original British series is the Union Jack flag on Michael Scott’s desk.

3. Did you know there’s a bar called The Office? And guess where? Scranton, Pennsylvania, right across the street from the building used to portray Dunder Mifflin’s exterior! A few years back, The Office (bar) was actually condemned. Let me guess: from a lack of adequate management and an outspoken manager with one too many “That’s what she said” jokes?

4. Dwight currently has four bobble-heads on his desk. In season two, he received his most well-known “Dwight Schrute” bobble-head from Angela. Two others that are seen throughout the series are of Mike Lieberthal and John Kruk, two baseball players with the Philadelphia Phillies. The fourth bobble-head is of Gerry McNamara, former Syracuse University guard and Scranton native.

5. Ever wonder who took the video in the opening theme song? Probably not, but here’s a fun fact: some of the video used, specifically the exterior shot of the building, was taken by John Krasinski and his friends in a Jeep just after John got the part.

6. Michael’s birthday is March 15th. A late happy birthday to you, Michael Scott!

7. Who doesn’t like Toby (besides Michael)? Did you know Toby Flenderson was supposed to be a one-time appearance? Paul Lieberstein (Toby) had never acted before, and he didn’t want to because of his quiet personality. Unfortunately for him, that changed when NBC President Kevin Reilly saw the episode with Toby and decided to make him a permanent character. However, in the episodes Paul writes or directs, Toby has few to no lines or story presence.

8. Phyllis Lapin Vance and Michael Scott: same age? Apparently so! In the series, it is frequently mentioned that Phyllis and Michael went to high school together. In reality, however, Phyllis Smith is 11 years older than Steve Carrell. Is that an insult to him or a compliment to her that they can pull that off?

Emily Park

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