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Clubs seek funds for 2011-2012 year

Monday, April 11 marked an important date for the club budgeting process. Draft budgets were due on Monday and will be reviewed and returned by the Student Life Committee by Friday, April 15.

The most important date on the budget process timeline is April 29. On this date at 4 p.m. final budgets will be due. Clubs that fail to meet this deadline won’t receive a budget for next year.

In order to avoid the harsh reality that comes with missing the April 29 deadline, the Student Senate Finance Committee has emphasized club awareness.

By getting more in touch with clubs about the budget process by holding multiple informational sessions, junior Gordon Barratt, Treasurer of the Student Senate, hopes to raise club consciousness of the budget process (particularly the appeal process) as well as provide clubs with second chances in proposing budgets.

According to sophomore Hannah Basil, Event Coordinator of the Business Club, the emphasis on awareness has been successful.

“Through Gordon’s efforts to make the budgeting process more streamlined, the Business Club has worked more efficiently and effectively in drafting our budget, thanks to our collective understanding of the process,” said Basil.

Similarly, sophomore Grant Deam, Co-Treasurer of Knox’s chapter of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), said, “Having the information provided by the Student Senate Finance Committee helped us draft our budget efficiently.”

With better communication between the Student Senate Finance Committee and student organizations, the budget process seems to have improved. Yet the question of who gets what will linger on through early May. Meanwhile, clubs seem convinced that they will be provided enough money for the upcoming year.

The other Co-Treasurer of APO, freshman Tyler Buddell, spoke on behalf of the organization’s confidence in funding for next year.

“We feel confident we will receive sufficient funds. What we may not receive, we can make up with fundraising and what has carried over from our account,” he said.

Basil expressed her confidence in the Business Club’s budget, saying, “This year, I am confident that the Business Club will receive adequate funds for our events. Our outgoing and incoming treasurers understand the purpose of our events.”

Senior Ruby Goh, Treasurer of the Physics Club, is more skeptical of getting requested funds, but for good reason. Goh and the Physics Club are hoping to make several trips to Fermilab next year, a new event for the academic club. Given the high costs of transportation and the uncertainty involved in hosting a new event, Goh said, “I am very confident that we will be applying for additional funding for next year to fund our trips to Fermilab because I don’t think the Senate will grant our initial request due to additional new activities we’ve added to the budget.”

Another obstacle to sufficient budgeting might have been under-enrollment affecting the amount of the activity fee. However, the contingency fund established by the Student Senate from the Restricted Fund has mollified these worries.

Also, considering that the Student Life Committee (SLC) has the final word on all budget outcomes, the anxieties of members of SLC regarding the balance between academics and extracurricular activities is on students’ minds.

Ben Moss

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