National / News / April 13, 2011

Concealed carry may become legal in Illinois

While Illinois and Wisconsin are currently the only two states without concealed carry laws, legislation is currently under way in the Illinois House of Representatives to change that. Currently, there is no wording in the bill that would make college campuses exempt from this law, meaning that if the law did pass in Illinois it would be legal to carry concealed firearms anywhere in the state.

“In the event the law would pass, any persons with a desire to carry concealed would be able to, given that they fulfill the requirements,” Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf said.

As Illinois firearm laws stand currently, people with valid Firearm Owner Identification Cards are able to own and transport unloaded firearms if they are kept in a case and not immediately accessible.

When asked about why he thinks there is a push by some Illinois residents to pass House Bill 148, Schlaf said, “Some of the comments that persons have made would indicate there’s an increase in a personal safety aspect. The base belief that many people state … [is] ‘shouldn’t I have the right to protect myself with a weapon as well?’”

Schlaf said he has not personally heard of anyone he knows supporting the law. He also said he agrees with President Roger Taylor’s position on the matter.

In an article posted in the Register-Mail online on April 4, Taylor was quoted as saying, “I’m hoping the General Assembly will provide an exemption for college campuses.” Taylor also said in the same article that the notion of concealed carry being legal on a college campus would be a “very scary idea.”

Taylor sent an email to faculty and staff encouraging them to contact Rep. Don Moffitt to ask for an exemption of college campuses to be added to the bill.

Annie Zak

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