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The Filthy Funky Freaks

“You’ve got to give me the funk, in order for me to give you the funk.”

Truer words have perhaps never been spoken by the voices of men. Through all the years of history, the greatest and meekest of minds alike have sought to divine even the tiniest truth from the tumult of our human lives. So many cry out in a cacophonous clamor for something to guide them through the dark, hundreds of moans and wails coalescing into dissonance.

Many voices have joined the discord, but only one rings true for all to follow, for all ears to savor and to which all booties may bounce.

It is the funk.

And at Lincoln Fest 2011, there was such an exchange of funk from audience to Freak that surely it did set the booty of God himself a-bouncin’.

I refer, of course, to the Funky Funky Freaks’ show on Saturday night. As the drummer for this most ebullient of ensembles, I may be slightly biased when I say that the Rog Mahal was nearly funked off its foundations. However, I do consider it evidence of our overwhelming funkiness that the crowd swarmed the stage and chanted our name before we even began our soundcheck. I think, Knox College, that those of you in attendance Saturday night enjoyed yourselves—and I can assure you, it was good for us, too. You gave us the funk so we could give you the funk.

The only regret that we Freaks have after Lincoln Fest is that we did not get to funk you into the wee hours of the night. We were ready for the long haul. Rarin’ to go. The show was absolutely filthy—funk all over the walls and everything—and we were only halfway through our prepared material. If it weren’t for Homeboy Sandman following us, we could have funked all night long.

And that, in the future, is just what we hope to do. Watch for the Freaks in the future, Knox. Watch hard and listen harder. Because soon enough, the funk will come banging back onto campus, grab hold of you and shake everything you’ve got. We just need to you be ready, like you undoubtedly were at Lincoln Fest. It makes playing the funk even more fun when you, Knox College, are there chomping at the bit for it, so on behalf of every Freak, I thank you. I thank you for listening. I thank you for dancing. I thank you for shouting. I thank you in advance for being there next time.

Until then, fellows, keep calm and stay funky.

Sam Lewis

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