May 11, 2011

SLC addresses term agenda

The Student Life Committee (SLC) addressed some major agenda items Tuesday during its regular meeting, talking about the upcoming student activity fee allocation and an effort to overhaul the social event policy, or “party” policy.

Associate Director of Campus Life Kathleen Drake and senior Student Senate President Sam Claypool led the discussion, giving an overview of the budgeting process thus far and giving a broader overview of where the money comes from and into which funds it finds its way.

According to Drake, the student activity fee money amounts to just over $400,000. About a quarter of that money will go toward club budgets through Student Senate. The number of budget requests was 78, up from 56 last year. Those 78 requests amounted to $177,000, and the Senate Finance Committee chaired by junior Treasurer Gordon Barratt cut that below the $100,000 target to make room for the appeals process.

The appeals have been considered by an ad hoc Appeals Committee chaired by Barratt. Senate will vote on the finalized recommendations at this week’s meeting, and they will be subject to approval by SLC next week.

The rest of the student activity fee money will be allocated to discretionary funds for Senate, the Senate Executive Board and the Dean of Students, budgets for the Broadcast, Internet and Publications Board (BIP) and the Athletics Committee.

Associate Dean of Students Craig Southern led the discussion concerning the social event policy, which he described during previous conversations in SLC as “archaic.” Throughout the discussions fall term, it was determined that SLC should consider the policy and Southern was charged with studying the policy and returning to SLC for its consideration.

Southern said Tuesday that throughout the year he has been getting input from different constituencies about how the policy could be streamlined. He came up with some “talking points” for SLC, which include “registration” of social events and when it should be required, how events with alcohol should be treated and simply how social events are viewed on campus.

Dean of Students Debbie Southern presented her own issues with the policy, including a recent history of this conversation. She instituted a new practice with Campus Safety earlier this year through which event sponsors and managers would have conversations with someone in the Office of Student Development and Campus Safety as part of the registration process. But she pointed out that this has just become another “hoop” through which to jump, akin to the attendance list concept.

“My desire is not to have hoops,” Debbie Southern said. “My desire is to have people having real conversations about what it is they’re doing so that we can figure out the best way to make that happen in the safest way possible so that people are having a good time.”

No action was taken during the meeting.

Charlie Megenity
Charlie Megenity (formerly Gorney) is a senior double majoring in political science and economics. He previously served TKS as managing editor and as co-news editor while working as the weekend reporter for The Galesburg Register-Mail. Over the summer of 2012, Charlie interned in Wisconsin with, an online hyperlocal news source, where he covered the August 2012 Oak Creek Sikh temple shooting; he will return to Patch during the summer of 2013. He is also the journalism editor for Catch magazine.. Charlie has received three awards from the Illinois College Press Association for newswriting and design, including a first place award for front page layout. He was the 2013 recipient of the Theodore Hazen Kimble Memorial Award in Journalism for a feature story published in The Knox Student. His work has also appeared in The Huffington Post.

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