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Businesses enjoy Flunk Day

With the passing of Flunk Day and Flunk Season now officially over, the hype and excitement that comes with has calmed down. Classes have resumed and are back on schedule with their syllabi and the clear-headedness of students has returned as they get back into the swing of things as finals vastly approach them. Knox has fully recovered from Flunk Day, as has the rest of Galesburg.

The Beanhive, a coffee shop student favorite, was and normally has been empty on Flunk Day, according to owner John Heasly. On whether this impacts business or not, Heasly said that it does not since the day after Flunk Day always ends up being very busy.

Coney Island, on the other hand, has the opposite reaction from Flunk Day. According to owner Jesus Valdez, there are more students who enter the building on Flunk Day than any other day. Having students “livens up the place” and that they are “pretty good kids” who are “fun and very well mannered,” he said.

Papa John’s on Main Street also had more business than usual on Flunk Day, according to branch manager Mike Wright. Even though there were more students, there were no problems with them, Wright says.

Businesses who have had fewer customers than usual or have not been impacted at all by Flunk Day have tried to bring in more business through having sales. Brad Price, owner of Alternate Realities, who found out it was Flunk Day via Facebook the morning of Flunk Day, wished he could have had an advanced warning in hopes of planning some sort of sale for that day in order to bring more costumers in on that day.

Other businesses have already attempted Flunk Day sales. Ben Stomberg, owner of Stone Alley Books & Collectibles, attempted a 20 percent off sale for last year’s Flunk Day and continued to do one this year. “It was something for fun,” according to Stomberg, who didn’t expect much business from the sale.

Vintages Tasting Room also had a 20 percent off sale the day of Flunk Day. According to owner,Julie Haugland, it wasn’t very successful and her efforts may have been “a little too late,” suggesting that advanced warning may have helped her get ready for the sale.

Business-related or not, owners of these business do not have anything against Flunk Day.

“It’s a good way to relax for the day,” Heasly said, who doesn’t expect his student workers to work Flunk Day.

Price echoed Heasly, saying, “It’s a good day to blow off some steam around finals.”

Stomberg, who has attended past Flunk Days when he was younger, said, “Everybody wants to celebrate Flunk Day even if they’re not on campus.”

David Wawzenek

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