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Letter to the Editor: Jake Hawrylak’s Response to ‘Last Off Knox open mic of the year takes a bow’

Why on Earth would you allow this to be printed? That article was nothing more than journalistic narcissism at the expense of the many who try so hard to make the Off-Knox performances so great. The performances were always designed to be venues where any talent at Knox doing whatever kind of performative art they so chose to do could get up and have a captive audience willing to listen and react. Is everything that you hear at Off Knox going to be golden? Obviously not; if you go to any goddamn open mic in any city you’re going to have to muddle through the crap to find a few gems. What makes these so special is that the entire time you feel as though people are listening, there’s more on the line, but that doesn’t mean d**chebag b*g writers should take advantage of that from atop their high horses. How do you think the acts playing that night felt when they read something like this? These events usually go for 3+ hours, and the author took the time to praise all of 20 minutes. That leaves close to three hours worth of material lying in the smoldered remains of the authors needless sh*t storm. I’m appalled on behalf of the rest of them. I did perform at that Off Knox, and regardless of whatever the f*ck the author would like to say, I KNOW I did a f*cking good job. I do not believe the other acts feel the same way at all, particularly after having sh*t like this thrown down their throatsI appreciate that this is America (g*dd*mnit) and that we are entitled to our opinions, but that article was overkill. It slaps Off Knox in the face for everything it stands for, and it was a pathetic send off from the newspaper that Annie Zak works for, to this wonderful event that she helped create. You started the year with a bang TKS, what the h*ll happened?

Jake Hawrylak

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