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Letter to the Editor: Marnie Shure’s Response to ‘Last Off Knox open mic of the year takes a bow’

While I appreciate the kind words Ben Reeves had for my performance (among others) in his write-up of the year’s final Off-Knox, I have to say I was disappointed in the overall review that surrounded them. Reeves refers to the “jumble of derivative, hipster moaning and screeching that is the standard fare of Off Knox,” yet as someone who happily stayed for all three-and-a-half hours of the May 6 performance, I saw nothing close to an audience reaction that would’ve agreed with this appraisal. Reeves’ allusion to the lack of emotional energy present at the event was equally perplexing, as I saw much emphatic applause, a crop of embraces between peers and a veritable sob-fest at the very end, incited only by our support of (and affection for) one another. It’s undeniable that our school offers the perfect display of encouragement for an event like Off-Knox, and it’s an audience I am proud to count myself a part of. Reeves’ coverage of the event, then, can be assigned to one or more of three possible categories: an article written to espouse the preconceived notion of what Reeves himself considers “hipster;” one based on less than a half-hour of attendance; and/or one that, simply, failed to see what the rest of us saw that Friday—a reason to want to stay at this creative, enthusiastic institution as long as we can, and to applaud all that talent equally, without any bitterness, while we’re here.

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