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Letters to the Editor: Senior send-off

During the last few weeks of my collegiate career, I have reflected on my time being at this fine institution. I did not believe, before attending Knox, that this small liberal arts college would indeed change my life the way it has. I did not know the power of friendship that lay waiting behind the timid, embarrassed or cocky introductions that were displayed in our freshmen suites—Kevin Morris and myself—or on the South Lawn of Old Main during Play Fair. I did believe, though, that I would be educated and that I would be pushed to intellectual limits in hopes of achieving something great post-Knox. I did know that, at minimum, I would leave Knox with a Bachelors of Arts in something.

After the dust of Freshman Orientation settled, classes began, and slowly—or quickly for Bill and Liz—we started building our relationships that have since come to change our lives. Whether or not we will still be in contact with these people years from now, we will always have those shared moments in our collective memory: barbeques in the Quads, tattoos in Moline or the ‘Burg, dinners on Seminary and beers on Cherry. Personally, I know that I will be in contact with those I have grown closest to in my short time here. I know that I will not forget the memories we forged in the halls of the Science and Mathematics Center, Old Main and George Davis Hall . I know that I will not forget those moments that blossomed on the sidewalks stretching from Sellew to Seymour and Ford Center for Fine Arts to the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Now, I know that I can actually call my closest friends my family, and believe it too. You all are indispensible to me.

Chris Bugajski

Class of 2011

Chris Bugajski

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