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Thoughts from the Embers: Thank yous and new thoughts

As our year winds down, we say farewell to our seniors at Knox and here at The Knox Student (TKS). We have seen an exciting year and we will certainly miss our seniors. They have undoubtedly helped keep the newspaper progressing and we would not be here today without them.

This devoted group of individuals put in many hours of effort each week, especially on Wednesdays, instead of being able to enjoy their senior nights, and we thank them for that. They taught us what we know in making a newspaper and have helped us grow into the editors we now are. Most importantly they made TKS fun, even through the long nights and difficult times.

We will be saying bye to our Editor-in-chief Annie Zak, who was vital in reworking our way of creating a paper each week and helping us get out of the office before the early hours of the morning. We will be parting with our Managing Editor Liz Thomas, who helped lay out the paper each week as well as tackle technical issues, which are all too commonplace in the office. We will also be saying farewell to four section editors and four copyeditors, which would fill up too much space giving a list of their own, equally as important, contributions to the newspaper.

This staff has seen the paper prosper in the past four years, due in part to their effort as well as the efforts of all who came before them, and we hope to continue this. While we are sad to see them go we look forward to next year.

On campus we will see many changes when we come back from the summer. New faces from the class of 2015 and the new president will come with new ideas, styles, opinions and interests. This will undoubtedly change the face of Knox College, as it does each year, and it will be exciting to see which direction it sends us.

As the college changes, students can expect to see some changes with this publication so we can better inform the student body.

A large part of this change will be seen online. From videos and other multimedia to more midweek content, the website will become more active and less of a copy of our print product. Multimedia reporting has become vital in the 21st century at other newspapers and it is key that we stay up-to-date in our reporting practices. While it will certainly take us time to learn new technology and ways of information gathering, there will be some small changes during the first few weeks of fall term.

One can also expect to see content posted in a more timely manner, so we can help better inform you. Whether it be breaking news or just having regular stories be put on the website throughout the week, we will allow more constant use of the website. While what we call in the news business, “hard news,” is important, it is also important for us to give you stories that entertain and excite you. These feature stories and in-depth reporting will improve the paper and keep you better connected with what is news at Knox.

We also hope to better connect with you, the reader. This will require better ways to allow you to send us feedback, but we also ask you to comment, write a letter to the editor, send us an email or join our team. Tell us what we can do better, what you want to see more of in the newspaper or what we are doing right.

While it may be easier to not read the paper, is it not more important to be a well-informed member of this campus? So help us inform you by creating this dialogue and we will in turn work hard to better inform you in new and exciting ways.

TKS Staff

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