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Five tasty ways to go healthy in the caf

1. Skip coffee and try reaping the many health benefits of tea. For a delicious drink, start with making a cup of tea using hot water and an Earl Grey tea bag from the tea and sugar counter. Then, from the new CoffeeMate machine, add a splash of French Vanilla creamer to your tea. Tastes just like a London Fog from a coffee shop, and better for you than other fructose-heavy beverages.

2. Instead of all the sugary cereals in the Fat Cave, try opting for a lighter, healthier treat: grab a bowl and get some of the plain yogurt which can be found near the cream cheese and other things by the toaster (available at every meal, unlike the flavored yogurt sometimes found with the sandwich fixings), then top it with granola, which hides at the end of the row of cereals. Add honey and nuts or dried cranberries for extra protein and flavor!

3. For the lactose or gluten-intolerant: make sure to really explore the fridge with alternative milks and breads – there’s some great stuff in there. Try out the soy, rice or almond milk with your cereal or on its own. For a sweeter treat, the chocolate soymilk is superb. If you go for a gluten-free bagel, ask one of the caf workers if they’ll give you a sharp knife to cut it—it’s nearly impossible without one, but worth it.

4. For a crispy-cool snack with a kick, try sprinkling chili powder on cucumbers. An unexpectedly delicious combo of hot and cool, and also very good for you.

5. Take advantage of the caf’s new smoothie bar. Every Friday, mix up a smoothie where you would normally make your stir-fry or pizza. There are tons of great fresh fruits, sweeteners and milk options available. I prefer to stick with the natural sweetness of the fruit, but I ask for some soymilk instead of regular milk. A tasty, healthy, and surprisingly filling treat and a great new addition to our caf this year!

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