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Summer renovation projects finished or in progress

Knox began its renovation process this summer with a budget of almost $1.2 million.

Working alongside President Teresa Amott since July, Director of Facilities Services Scott Maust had nothing but praises for the new President and her involvement in the renovation process.

“It’s her personal goal,” Maust said. “Roger helped build up our self-confidence. Now that we have that, our new president will move us into the future.”

Some of the renovations on campus include smoking stations, benches and picnic tables as well as major restoration work to many buildings such as Alumni Hall, Seymour Library, The Gizmo and The Hard Knox Café.

“The new picnic table areas are beautiful additions to the campus,” sophomore Cialy Mydel Santos said.

The new metal picnic tables can seat a lot more people compared to the old stone tables between Post Hall and the Quads.

Students may have seen stone slabs on the corners of many academic buildings such as George Davis Hall. These are to be the bases for directional signs for places around campus.

“The signs are in production,” Maust said.

Other fix-ups around campus include replacing portions of the cement pathway between Seymour and Old Main, which was notorious for flooding after rainstorms.

The library has been re-plastered, repainted and recarpeted.

Last year, there were parts of the library where there was water seeping through the wall, causing the plaster to come off.

“[We] tore off the bad flaking stuff,” Maust said.

The old wooden tables, which were made for the original building, have also been refurnished.

Maust’s plans for next summer include the library’s basement.

“We have about 3 weeks of work left,” Maust said.

As for the Gizmo, recent additions include new kitchen counters as well as new tables that can seat more people, which will be ideal for group and club meetings for students.

“Now we’d like all new chairs for the rest of the tables,” Rosaria Rodriguez, a worker at the Gizmo, said.

The Hard Knox Café was also renovated with new plastic ceiling tiles as well as new, red seat covers for the chairs.

One major repair that took place this summer was replacing the old steam pipes. Installed in the 1980s, buried in the ground are two pipes, a steam pipe and a condensate return pipe. Maust explained that the old pipes were causing Knox to lose water continuously.

“We were losing 4,000 to 11,000 gallons of liquid gold water,” Maust said.

Another major renovation was the exterior renovation of Alumni Hall. The Saving America’s Treasures initiative matched a grant of $296,000 to help renovate Alumni Hall. Bids for Alumni Hall’s renovation will begin this Thursday and the exterior stairs and driveways are being worked on.

Maust hopes that the exterior of Alumni Hall will be fixed by April 1, in time for graduation.

Contractors for the projects are recruited from Galesburg and Peoria, as well as the Quad Cities.

“We always try to get it in Galesburg and use as many local contractors as we can,” Maust said. “We can always count on our local contractor.”

Minah Rathore

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