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Fulton County Haze: Part dos

Nate:Hibbity-hop-hop-skip-hip-hop yeah. Here we go.

Oklahoma, LSU and the polls

Gabe: Both the number 1 and number 2 teams in college football won this week. But the big news is that LSU, the former number 2 team, is the new number 1. How do you feel about the number 1 team being jumped without losing a game?

N: It is pretty tough. Both teams have played a pretty tough slate. Two weeks ago Oklahoma played Florida State at Tallahassee and beat them in a very physical game. But LSU has played Oregon in Dallas in Jerry’s Dome and beat them rather handily.

G: This week LSU beat WVU at WV in very deciding fashion. Their defense played huge like they have all year and shut down another quick, high-powered offense. It is going to be hard-pressed to find a harder first four games of the year than what LSU has had to play.

N: The Okies played a weaker Mizzou team this past Saturday and did not beat them as handily as people would have thought. A win is a win though. It is tough to be the number one team and then get jumped.

G: It seems that LSU has made a strong enough case to be the number one team. I’m not saying that OU isn’t the number one team, because they are very deserving of the title, it is that they just haven’t proven themselves as much as LSU has early in this season.

Michael Vick

G: Let me get something personal off my chest, as a fantasy owner of Michael Vick I knew going in that he would get hurt, but I chose him as my first pick, and in the last two weeks he has had two injuries, last week a concussion and this week a nearly broken hand. Do you think that he can stay healthy all year?

N: The Eagles were deemed by players around the league to be “The Dream Team,” due to Vick signing a new 6 Year $100 deal. Other free agents saw that Vick was going to stay long term so they wanted to come to the Eagles.

G: So what about him staying healthy?

N: Give me a second and I’ll answer your question! No, I do not think he can stay healthy. If you are the Eagles you need to have a solid back up which they do in Vince Young … when he is healthy.

G: Some of the Eagles’ fans are upset with the front office of the Eagles because they got rid of the backup last year, Kevin Kolb. He is a budding quarterback who can run if need be and maybe these fans might think that he might be more consistent then Vick.

N: You know what you started that with? The FANS of Philadelphia; those fans are the most fickle of all fans. If Vick had not had the injuries that he has, Kolb’s name would not be in the discussion right now, and it really should not be anyway.

G: Well let’s just wish the best of luck to Mr. Vick. I hope that he stays healthy the rest of this year (for my sake), but also hope that the Eagles do not succeed this year.


N: Changing gears from football to my favorite sport, NASCAR. It was a very exciting finish to the race this Sunday at New Hampshire. It was a strategy filled race with a lot of cars running out of gas at the end. Clint Bowyer was in the lead with 2 laps to go and giving the lead to eventual race winner Tony Stewart. He earned his second victory on the year, second victory of the Chase and second victory in a row. I would say Smoke (Stewart) looks prime to win his second Championship of his career. By the way a lot of two is there for Smoke.

G: Yea, Smoke is definitely coming up big at the right times. He has raced well, he is one of those consistent guys who is rewarded by the Chase, but with Smoke you know that he will be an aggressive racer and if it works then great but there is a lot of Chase to go.

N: The race this coming Sunday will be at Dover. It is another mile racetrack, but it has high banks and it is very exciting. It definitely lives up to its nickname of the “Monster Mile.”

Fire Pit



N-:To the Fire Pit!

G: I love the Fire Pit!! We are trying to get this started here, this being a student run organization that is centered around becoming a student section for the Athletic events on campus. It is less than a week old in the new student regime of things.

N: I would not say this is a new or middle-aged group, but it was created last year in order to encourage fans to come out and support Knox athletics.

G: That is right, the Fire Pit will hopefully be at all home sporting events to help cheer on our Prairie Fire teams and if you would like to get loud and maybe learn a little bit about a sport that you don’t know a lot about or if you just want to come hang out with your friends, please come out to a game and wear some purple if you some and be loud for your friends and fellow classmates.

N: We do not want this to be a one year and done thing. We want this thing to grow and prosper after we leave. So please email us about anything with the Fire Pit. I am at

G: And I am, if you have any questions comments or concerns feel free, heck you can even throw in a request for the column.

Gabe Ayers

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