Discourse / September 28, 2011

Gizmo Quizmo: Week one

After a long and agonizing wait, this week marks the return of the infamous Gizmo Quizmo, Knox’s most difficult snack-shop based trivia challenge. This week’s quiz devastated the assembled Knox students with the high score reaching a measly three. What sort of questions could have stumped students so horridly? Read on, dear reader, to find out.

1) Which U.S. President was born “William Jefferson Blythe IV”? (32% correct)

2) Name the punctuation mark that developed from the Latin word “quo.” (10% correct)

3) What ship was the first to assist survivors of the Titanic disaster in 1912? (0% correct)

4) Which of the New York City boroughs was an independent city until its consolidation in 1898? (23% correct)

5) Bleu cheese is made from the same mold spores that produce what antibiotic? (74% correct)

6) In which unit is the speed of a computer mouse measured? (0% correct)

7) Legend has it that all the Marx Brothers received their nicknames in Galesburg in 1914. List all four nicknames. (3% correct)

8) What is the birthplace of Knox’s 2005 commencement speaker? (16% correct)

9) What is the name for the study of postage stamps? (0% correct)

10) To what does the term “recto-verso” refer? (0% correct)

High score: 3 (Eight-way tie: Jake Hanahan ’15, Pat Topping ’12, Tina Shuey ’13, Alice Nicholes ’14, David Wawzenek ’13, Karl Bair, ’12, Jennifer Kaufman ’13, Robert David Carey ’12)

Average score: 1.6

Best answer: (Q8) “Well, not a city in America, that’s for sure! I demand to see a birth certificate!”


1-Bill Clinton, 2-the question mark, 3-the RMS Carpathia, 4-Brooklyn, 5-Penicillin, 6-Mickey, 7-Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and Gummo, 8-Honolulu, 9-Philately, 10-A double-sided document

Erin Duff

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