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Fulton County Haze: MLB playoffs begin, Cowboys epic collapse

Nate Williams- Ride it! Ride the lightning!

MLB Playoffs

N- A lot of exciting things going on in sports right now, with the NASCAR playoffs and the Major League Baseball Divisional Series. We made picks for the Wild Card, so Gabe what were your picks?

Gabe Ayers- Yes, I had the Rays and the San Francisco Giants winning.

N- I had the Rays and the Cardinals. So I guess that means I am batting 1.000 right?

G- Yes, both the Rays and the Cards made it into the playoffs, good work Nathan, I’m so proud of you.

N- Well, Gabe you are still the authority on baseball here, so what can you give us about the playoffs so far.

G- Thank you Nate. Well the Rangers and the Rays played in an interesting series. After losing the opening game and not even looking competitive, the Rangers came back to win the series 3-1. The Rays comeback at the end of the year was ultimately for naught, and the Rangers are still in play to reclaim the AL pennant. Also we have the Yankees and the Tigers playing; the big story there was the battle between Cy Young Candidates with C.C. Sabathia and Justin Verlander, which Verlander won. But it’s going to come down to game five.

N-Well what about the NL?

G- There we have the Cardinals and the Phillies. Cardinals were the top hitting team in the NL while of course the Phillies have that incredible pitching staff. That is also going to a fifth game, which should provide some excitement. The Brewers versus the Diamondbacks was not fair for Arizona early on. The Brewers two big guys, Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun, destroyed the Arizona pitching, and Zack Greinke and Yovanni Gallardo threw great. But then Arizona won a home game so it was not just a walk-through for Milwaukee.

N- Fans enjoy seeing the underdogs making it to the postseason and the Diamondbacks were a feel good story being one of the youngest teams in the MLB and making the playoffs. They are going to be good for a few years now. What are you thinking happens the rest of the way out now?

G- I’ve got to take the Rangers in the AL, they are just on fire. As for the NL, though I’m a Cardinal fan I’m going with the Philles. Over, the Rangers will be champs.

N- I’ll take the Tigers and Cardinals to make it to the World Series, with the Cards winning it.


N- We move to the 2-2 Dallas Cowboys and the drama that is Turny Romover, also known as Tony Romo, the quarterback of the Cowboys.

G- What can you say about Romo? He has been the hero and the goat twice already this year in four games.

N- Romo is the playing quarterback for “America’s Team”. Everyone has a constant eye on the Cowboys. You either love them or you hate them. Most people have thrown Romo under the bus just because he is the quarterback and could be responsible for the losses that they have suffered. Some of the criticism is deserved though with him throwing two interceptions for touchdowns this past Sunday.

G- You can’t blame those two interceptions being returned for touchdowns on Romo, those guys had to run through the entire Cowboys offense to score, so somebody could have stopped him.

N- Yeah, and Romo was a hero for weeks two and three leading come-from-behind victories for the Cowboys with a broken rib.

G- That broken rib punctured his lung! I wouldn’t want to get out of bed let alone play QB in the NFL with that!

N- Rob Ryan’s defense can be blamed just as much as Romo. They have surrendered two big leads in the Cowboys two defeats this season, and this was even worse than the opener.

G- Being the QB for the Cowboys is like being the head coach for Notre Dame Football. Every time something goes wrong there are going to be fingers pointed at you, but if the team wins consistently you will be celebrated. It isn’t fair but it is something that comes with the job.

N- Now they blew this lead to a seriously up-and-coming team in the Detroit Lions. It is tough seeing the Lions quickly rising in the NFC North being a Bears fan, but it is also exciting. A bit of a contradicting statement, but I am no genius.

G- I think everybody expected the Lions to be better this year, but I don’t think that anybody saw this 4-0 start coming. The real question is: how good are the Lions??

N- I would say the Lions are pretty good. I don’t see them winning the division with the Packers being in the North. I do see them getting one of the two wild card births. Like I said, it is exciting seeing the Lions actually have a good team. They have been one of the perennial bottom dwellers of the NFL.

G- Matthew Stafford is living up to every expectation that he was given a few years ago. So with that I think that they will probably get the Number one Wild Card spot in the NFC because, like you said, there is just no way that they will take the North from the Packers.

Nate Williams

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