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Knox’s TV addiction: Hopped up on Hulu?

Every year the Knox Plague causes students to miss class, postpone papers and defer study time, but there may be an illness worse than the common cold plaguing Knox campus: Television addiction.

Knox offers its students a generous cable package of 80 channels, giving Knox students everything from ABC to Sleuth. The free 24-hour Wi-Fi also allows students to find their favorite shows online and watch them upon their own leisure.

But do Knox students use these sources to watch more television than they really should?

Well, yes and no.

More than television and the Knox cable package, Knox students seem to be turning to the Internet for most of their shows, using sites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and others.

“I barely watch TV,” junior Maddie Mandel said. “I watch a lot of YouTube.”

And movies, too, seem to be a competing culprit, meaning that having a TV in their room or suite has little effect on whether they watch more TV or not.

Despite its recent price changes, students still rent a large number of Netflix DVDs. Mailroom worker, junior Danny Schaefer said about the red enveloped DVDs, “There are a lot … about half of what we send back feels like Netflix.”

Junior Sam Butler said, “I like movies,” specifically their “contained storytelling,” but will occasionally watch Hulu, provided that the entire season is available. “When I watch TV I feel like I’m wasting time.”

But not all students feel that watching TV is a waste of their time, and believe instead that it serves as a way to clear the mind a little while in the middle of a big final project.

Senior Monica Prince said she watches “more TV during finals … because you might as well spend an hour watching something mindless instead of worrying about that paper you have to write.”

But do Knox students feel that TV affects their grades?

“No,” Prince said.

“I’m not going to make that connection, but you can surmise,” Mandel said.

When asked if they felt TV ever affected their studies, especially during finals, a large gap appeared between heavy and light TV viewers. Those who watch TV tend to watch a lot of TV, especially during finals, while those who rarely watch TV will watch even less when it comes time to study and write papers for finals.

Sophomores Bo Bum Lee and Anna Nguyen, normally light viewers, both vehemently replied “no” when asked if they watched TV during finals.

Freshman Gayoung Moon said that she is “not a big TV person,” and that usually she will only watch one or two hours on the weekends.

Although watching television is a prevalent and sometimes obsessive pastime on campus, it seems most Knox students have an idea of how much they can watch while still completing what they need to.

Knox students’ top five TV shows:

1. “Modern


2. “Glee”

3. “The Daily Show”/”Colbert


4. Anything ESPN

5. “Doctor Who”

Elizabeth Schult

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