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Who are the Whovians of Knox College?

It could be a friend, a teaching assistant, a love interest or a worst enemy. Everyone knows someone who has an obsession with the British TV series “Doctor Who.”

So who exactly are these fans and what makes them tick?

First a brief understanding of what “Doctor Who” is. “Doctor Who” began in 1962 on BBC; it has seen a wide variety of actors who have played the part of the main character, ‘The Doctor.’ The science fiction television show has seen its ups and downs over the years, but remains popular despite generational differences between its first fans and the fans of today.

“Most Whovians I know got started by their parents. Its like parents getting their kids into “Star Trek” or “Star Wars.” It has kept the show going,” junior Casey Kizior said.

Despite the changes of the doctor over the years, many fans believe viewers stay around for a love of the storyline and style, rather than because of certain actors.

“I guess what I like most is that its so focused on the characters. It’s not just about the plot, but its also about [developing the secondary characters as well],” Kizior said. “You fall in love with the Doctor and his companions and you lament for these people after a certain point.”

The fans of Doctor Who, or Whovians for short, all have different reasons for getting hooked on the show.

“It encompasses a lot of adventure with mystery, something that many shows are unable to,” senior Josh Wood said. “Not just shows, but books and every other media that Doctor Who has entered.”

The show has seeped into everyday life for many fans, including the purchase of memorabilia and regular inside jokes and quoting of the show.

“For me it’s become the new ‘Monty Python and The Holy Grail’ for quoting,” junior Matt Elkin said.

Some students, however, have found it difficult to get hooked on the show. Understanding the fandom is equally difficult.

“I guess I was busy with other fads so I missed out,” senior Casey Samoore said.

Whovians have a variety of opinions on how to get someone hooked. Some choose to pick their favorite episodes while others believe the way to get hooked is to start at the beginning of a season, or better yet, a series.

“You have to start at the beginning, I think, especially with a show like Doctor Who. It probably won’t make any sense if you don’t watch it from the beginning,” Elkin said. “If you know about the character of the Doctor and you start at the beginning of a series then you should be fine.”

While the current season has finished, some Whovians haven’t been able to keep up because they are at Knox, but for the most part students have found ways around that.

“For the first five seasons I used Netflix and for the sixth season I watched them when they came out on TV,” Elkin said.

John Williams

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