Discourse / October 26, 2011

Gizmo Quizmo for the week of Oct. 29-Nov.5

Every week, on Wednesday at 8 p.m., the Gizmo Quizmo is given out in the Gizmo. These are the questions, with the percentage of students who answered correctly in bold.

1. Which commonly used Latin word means “elsewhere”? 14.3%

2. Nurse, Cookie Cutter, Blue, Zebra, Carpet, School, Bull and Wobbegong are all examples of what? 7.1%

3. Violet Palmer took the court as the NBA’s first female what in 1997? 50%

4. Name at least two of the three films that have won Best Picture and have the name of a city in the film title. 21.4%

5. The R.M.S. Titanic sank closest to which country? 14.3%

6. The shell of which kidney-shaped nut is highly toxic? 57.1%

7. Who wrote the music for “The Nutcracker”? 64.3%

8. “Luxation” is the official term for which common-and painful-medical malady? 14.3%

9. Nephrite is the main source of which gem, available in red, white, and green varieties? 14.3%

10. What structure appears below the word “industry” on Utah’s state flag? 14.3%

Low Score: 0

High Score: 7 (Catie McLaughlin ’14 and Adam Worden ’14)

Average Score: 2.71

Best Answer: #6, “Cashew, Cash-shoe, cachoo.” (Kaitlyn Duling ’13)

Correct answers: 1-Alibi, 2-Shark 3-Referee, 4-An American in Paris, Chicago, Casablanca, 5-Canada, 6-Cashew, 7-Tchaikovsky, 8-A dislocation, 9-Jade, 10-beehive

Erin Duff

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