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Letters to the Editor: The treasurer’s report

The treasurer’s report

Greetings loyal readers! Finance committee has had a busy month. Since my last treasurer’s report, we have funded Students Without Borders’ showing of “8 Murders a Day,” I-Club’s trip to Chicago, Model UN’s trip to the Boston conference, Gaming Information Network’s charity game-athon, ABLE (Allied Blacks for Liberty and Equality)’s trip to the ABCC (Association for Black Culture Centers) conference, a party for the Ed. Studies club, a self defense workshop sponsored by Martial Arts club, an ASAP (Allies for Sexual Assault Prevention) forum, Islamic Club’s Eid dinner and a WVKC concert in Winter term.

We also formally approved the formation of Starcraft club, the Fire Pit and Advocates for Choice. This is probably the first public announcement of these new organizations. So now that you know they exist I encourage you to join them if they sound interesting to you.

For the student lounge we bought a PS3 and a bunch more art supplies. But when it comes to games and specific materials, I’m flying blind. It would be awesome if somebody gave us specific recommendations (That’s what comment cards are for!).

At the end of my letter a month ago, I mentioned that there was a significant sum of money (about $160K) in the fund currently known as the “restricted fund.” (I put it in quotes because I am not aware of any restrictions on the money.) Senate decided that this is way too much money for Finance Committee to sit on, so an ad-hoc committee has been formed. The second incarnation of the Special Meeting on the Use of the Restricted Fund (SMURF2) is tasked with amassing your suggestions for spending the money and then recommending the ones it determines to be both feasible and popular. Because coordination is important, SMURF2 will also be checking in with Finance Committee regularly.

That’s all for now. There will definitely be one more of these updates this term, maybe even two. If you have any questions or complaints about Finance, please send me an email at mgallowa@knox.edu.

Max Galloway-Carson Class of 2011

Maxwell Galloway-Carson

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