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Recipes for the cafeteria

You can create your own meal by combining common ingredients found around the Hard Knox Café.

Steamed broccoli

What you need:

Broccoli – from the salad bar

Bowl – near the soup

A small plate — at the end of the salad bar

The microwave — near the dessert room

Preparation instructions:

1) Fill a bowl halfway or a little over half with broccoli.

2) Add a bit of water from the drink dispenser to the bowl.

3) Take a small plate and turn it over and cover the top of the bowl with the plate.

4) Put the bowl in the microwave and set it for one minute.

5) Take the plate off. The bowl itself will be too hot to handle, so put the plate in front of the bowl and push the bowl from behind and onto the plate.

6) Add seasonings to your steamed broccoli like fresh ground pepper and garlic powder (near the microwave).

Pasta with mushrooms, spinach and onions

What you need:

Pasta – from the main food line

Pasta sauce – from the main food line

Mushrooms – from the salad bar

Onions – near the sandwich bar

Mozzarella cheese – from the salad bar

Spinach – from the salad bar (not provided every day)

Oregano – near the microwave

Preparation instructions:

1) Fill a bowl halfway with pasta.

2) Add mushrooms, onions and spinach.

3) Put pasta sauce over the ingredients in the bowl.

4) Sprinkle the mozzarella cheese over the sauce and ingredients.

5) Put the bowl in the microwave and set for one minute.

6) Add oregano to the pasta.

7) Mix the ingredients together.

Turkey wrap

What you need:

A tortilla wrap – in the shelves near the toaster oven

Turkey slices – in the sandwich bar or near the toaster oven

Lettuce – near the sandwich bar or near the toaster oven

Cream cheese – near the toaster oven along with the butter, etc.

Salsa – near the toaster oven

Preparation instructions:

1) Take a tortilla and spread cream cheese on it.

2) Layer turkey slices on the


3) Add lettuce and salsa.

4) Fold and roll the tortilla and cut it diagonally.

Sheena Leano

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