Discourse / November 2, 2011

Gizmo Quizmo for the week of Nov. 3-Nov. 9

Every week, on Wednesday at 8 p.m., the Gizmo Quizmo is given out in the Gizmo. These are the questions, with the percentage of students who answered correctly in bold.

1. Name the three types of friendships that Aristotle discusses in the “Nichomachean Ethics.” 6.6%

2. What does the Latin expression in ictu oculi mean in English? 13.3%

3. What team was the winner of the 2011 World Series? 93.3%

4. Molly Brown, a passenger on the Titanic, became famous in her own right for being the only woman to do what? 13.3%

5. Besides humans, which other animal is able to contract leprosy? 20%

6. Fossilized bird droppings are the primary export for which island nation? 0%

7. After the Catholic Church, who is the second largest landowner in New York City? 0%

8. What rock ‘n roll singer is memorialized by an 8-foot statue in Lubbock, Texas? 6.6%

9. Name the singer/actress that starred in over 30 films including “The Pajama Game,” “On Moonlight Bay” and Teacher’s Pet.” 13.3%

10. After his career playing baseball for the Red Sox, Cubs, and Phillies, James Emory “Jimmie” Foxx, worked in Galesburg, Illinois doing what occupation? 0%

Low Score: 0

High Score: 6 (Maisie Maupin ’12)

Average Score: 1.7

Best Answer: #1, “Friendship, Relationship, It’s complicated” (Kaitlyn Duling ’13)

Correct answers: 1-pleasure, utility, virtue, 2-in the blink of an eye, 3-St. Louis Cardinals, 4-Row a lifeboat to safety, 5-Armadillos, 6-Nauru, 7-Columbia University, 8-Buddy Holly, 9-Doris Day, 10-operated a pizza parlor on Simmonds St.

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