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Senate considers email policy

Student Senate spent a majority of its weekly meeting discussing and amending a policy for the Senate email distribution list, and it was announced that Advocates for Choice has been approved as a new club.

The amendment to change the second point of the policy stated that “distribution lists may not be e-mailed more than once a week,” from “once a week” to “twice a week” passed. The amendment to get rid of the wording stating the rules as having “a zero-tolerance policy” passed. After those two amendments, Senate voted to pass the rules as worded.

Finance committee approved the full amount of $210 requested by Islamic Club for the Eid dinner to celebrate the Muslim religious holiday. Advocates for Choice, a sexual health and rights group, was approved as a new club and given a standard budget.

For new business, Senate discussed the new rules for the distribution list, with which representatives will be able to email their entire class respectively. Senators should use the distribution list to report to their class after meetings and “create a better dynamic of communication,” according to Vice President junior Michael Gasparro. Technology Chair junior Johnathan Ebbers questioned the potential to abuse the email list. Junior Senator J.C. Weinberg said the policy should be viewed more like guidelines and senators should use their best judgment when emailing.

For community business, sophomore Senator Esther Farler-Westphal asked about what happened to the distribution of condoms. Safety and Services Chair sophomore Paul Brar said he was waiting for a new condom distributor at University of Illinois at Chicago’s health center to give condoms and pamphlets.

Dining Services Chair junior Kaitlyn Duling was asked about Dining Services providing limes and pomegranates. For SMURF II (Special Meeting on the Use of the Restricted Fund), senior Senator Karl Bair asked about providing cigarette receptacles around picnic tables.

Committee Reports

Sustainability Committee — Chair sophomore Max Potthoff said the committee picked projects to work on this term, including providing drying racks as an alternative to machine dryers. They will also be working on increasing awareness and accessibility of the Green Fee to fund sustainability projects.

Dining Services — Duling spoke about a successful petition for avocados in the cafeteria. The committee discussed having a new menu display for the Gizmo to make it easier to see as well as printed, laminated menus for people to hold and a Facebook survey for more vegan options in the Cafeteria.

Residential Quality of Life — Chair senior Ellen Jackson said the issue of toilet paper on campus and how it “kind of sucks” was brought up to the committee. She said Director of Facilities Scott Maust will come to next week’s meeting to talk about washers and dryers.

Safety and Services — Brar asked Senate’s opinion of whether to extend the hours for the T. Fleming Fieldhouse until 10:30 p.m. as opposed to until 8:30 p.m. Brar said campus safety officers believed it would be more efficient for them, while Athletic Director Chad Eisele said there was no reason to extend the Fieldhouse hours. After asking Senate what they thought of making the Fieldhouse more student accessible, senators were in favor for this, citing more practice hours for sports like intramural basketball and Ultimate Frisbee.

Brar also brought up having one central location for lost and found items. Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf suggested having a centrally located sub-station which a Campus Safety Officer can regulate at all times. They are still working out the details.

Technology — Ebbers said he introduced the first draft of a survey to Steve Hall, Director of Information Technology Services, and Steve Jones, Senior Associate Director of Information Technology Services, about digit signs, cable and the computer help desk. For the possibility of switching email providers from Zimbra to Gmail, Hall and Jones said they were against the idea, “citing privacy concerns” and “lack of motivation.” Post-baccalaureate Tim Schmeling suggested Ebbers look at Oberlin College because they have a Google server.

Executive Committee of the Faculty (ExComm) — The committee discussed whether lab classes should count for more credit.

Cultural Diversity Committee — Schmeling said the committee will reach out to cultural clubs and make the mission of the committee clearer.

Broadcast, Internet and Publications Board (BIP) — The committee discussed the constitution of BIP, which requires a student media organization to be BIP-approved and budgeted before having a budget from Senate.

SMURF II — Members set the agenda for the committee and talked about ideas to spend the money and different ways to contact students.

Sheena Leano

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