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Go Greek, girls

At such a small liberal arts college as unique as Knox College, it is not surprising that students have passionate feelings for and against a variety of issues. Whether it ranges from making our campus more environmentally friendly or working for healthier food options in the Hard Knox Café, Knox students work hard to defend what they believe in. And a particularly debated issue is Greek Life and recruitment.

Now I know that reading a letter from one of the women who organizes the recruitment process doesn’t appeal to everybody. It may seem like my opinion is already set, but at one time I came to Knox unsure of Greek Life. Three years ago would I have never in my wildest dreams expected to become a member of a Greek organization. I mean, I watched enough television shows and chose Knox because I loved how liberal and open-minded it appeared.

Truth be told, I did not even know there were Greek organizations at Knox. I was that naïve country girl who thought that a liberal place like Knox would not have organizations for social purposes, but then I also thought every club was based upon academics. I had no intention of joining or even looking at any organization my first year. I had my teammates and friends I had made that first term. What more did I need?

My friends were actually the ones who dragged me to the recruitment events. They told me I had nothing to lose and at least I would get some food out of it. Well, they were right. The food was great! I still had no idea about joining a sorority, but knew I appreciated free food. Since I could not turn that down, I went to the next round of events and surprised myself with how much I had in common with a lot of the women I met. Many of the philanthropies were centered on causes I had always cared about but never knew how to help out with. It was a shock to see how normal and silly each girl could be.

Never did I think I would be invited to join an organization. I mean I was a heavy metal loving, track running book nerd — shy beyond belief. I was never popular in high school, teased for much of my life. To this day it still brings a smile to my face that all I really wanted to get out of formal recruitment was some free food and meeting new people. I am friends with many of those girls who went through recruitment with me and even though we chose different organizations, the reasons that brought us to the first recruitment event kept us together these past years. Because when it dwindles down to it, I didn’t choose an organization, I wound up with groups of friends from four organizations of accomplished women. I didn’t feel as lost as I had that fall term my first year and somehow I ended up growing more academically and personally than I thought college allowed.

So when you think Greek, remember that Knox College is a diverse place. Sometimes you go for the cupcakes and stay to meet new people, but either way I never knew until I tried it.

Kristine Weller

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