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Junior class officers look ahead

Justin Steele, President

TKS: Why did you run for president?

Justin Steele (JS): I wanted to be more involved in my class. I’m already in the Student Senate so that keeps me kind of up-to-date with what our class needs. And I really wanted to help organize senior week, and I thought it would be a fun position.

TKS: Do you have any goals you hope to accomplish in your office?

JS: We definitely want to make senior meetings more impressive. I mean, they’re already pretty awesome, so that’s a challenge in itself. But we just want to have fun with the position. We’re all kind of on the same page; we just want to make it a fun, great senior year.

TKS: Do you have any major goals as president for this year and senior year?

JS: I would like to get to know, to some extent, everyone in our class, because Knox is really like a family, and you share a special bond with someone, like when you find someone outside of Knox and you say you went to Knox and they are like, “Oh, me too!” It’s just a kind of immediate bond, and I would like to carry that into when we graduate and everything.

Arnold Salgado, Vice President

TKS: Why did you run for vice president?

Arnold Salgado (AS): I didn’t know very much about the senior class offices; I didn’t even know it existed until last year. I wanted to be more involved and help out with senior meetings and run those and find out what students like and get feedback and all that. And I thought it would be fun too.

TKS: Do you have any goals you hope to accomplish in your office?

AS: Personally for me, a great goal is to see every senior at the senior meetings. I’m sure the populations are great now, but I would personally love to make that go up and see almost every senior go to senior meetings.

TKS: Do you have any ideas who you want to bring in for your speaker?

AS: I kind of liked when we had our introductory meeting with this year’s senior class officers. They said a lot of really popular ones are like Oprah or like the Chief of Staff of Barack Obama. To bring someone cool like that I think would be pretty awesome, and I think I would enjoy it.

Michael Gasparro, Treasurer

The Knox Student (TKS): Why did you run for treasurer?

Michael Gasparro (MG): Well, I ran for it because when we were originally trying to get elected, we did it in a group of four with the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer so we decided to work as a committee to do it a little different; we all ran together so we would be a committee instead of everyone running against each other. With our individual skills we decided that Justin Steele would be President; Nicholas, who ran but was defeated by Arnold, would be Vice President; Nathan would run for secretary, and I would run for treasurer, so that’s how we decided to break it down. As far as me running for treasurer, I’m a business and economy minor, so that’s kind of right up my alley, and in Beta I’m on the finance committee, so I have some experience in finances.

TKS: What are some of your responsibilities as treasurer?

MG: As treasurer, I try to set budgets over the year for each officer, obviously budget senior week and senior meetings – just basically make sure everyone stays in their budget.

Nathans Williams, Secretary

TKS: Why did you run for secretary?

Nathan Williams (NW): I’m just very personable and I’ve been taking notes for about 18 years now, so I felt well qualified to take notes. I had a good feeling I would run unopposed being secretary, and Justin and I are good friends, so I felt that we should run together. And I felt that I wanted to be more involved in my class, really.

TKS: Do you have any goals you hope to accomplish in your office?

NW: Just mix up the events, like, I know this week we are going bowling and most of the times it’s just going to pubs here in town. I think maybe more things like bowling, or like laser tag.

TKS: Do you have any plans yet on how to make the senior meetings more enjoyable or senior week really great?

NW: I don’t know the direct events that go on every day at senior week, so I think once we look at that and see if there’s any way to do something similar to it. I mean, it’s always safe to do stuff that people have done in the past, but we also definitely want to do something different and just make ourselves more distinguishable from others.

Note: Nathan Williams is a sports columnist for The Knox Student.

Kayla Anderson

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