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Senate supports dressed-up condoms, free laundry

Senate approved condoms sponsored and personalized by Senate and passed a one-line resolution advocating for coinless washers and dryers after hearing a report of the Board of Trustees meeting focusing on Alumni Hall.

After sitting in on a Board of Trustees meeting, sophomore Senator Esther Farler-Westphal and senior Senator Greg Noth gave a presentation on Alumni Hall.

“There’s a lot of energy; there’s a lot of momentum. The Board is really excited; president Amott is really excited. It seems like they work really, really well together and I think, moving forward, Knox has a lot going for it,” Noth said.

Noth said the focus of the meeting was on the renovation of Alumni Hall, also named “The Gateway Project.” It was reported that there is $3,144,038 in hand, minus $185,025 due to work on the exterior. The architect was approved and they decided to take out the three levels of floor, with the current work hopefully complete by May 1.

Farler-Westphal said during the meeting that Center for Research and Advanced Study will be named after trustee Gerald Vovis. She said the Board was “pretty set” on putting the Office of Advancement and the Office of Admission in Alumni Hall.

Referring to the graph of the construction timeline, Noth said, “That is starting construction one year from now, October 2012. So, first-years, hopefully you’ll be seeing a finished Alumni Hall.”

For academic news, the Mellon Grant is expiring at the end of 2011-2012, which may hinder the faculty’s ability to research, and so they are looking at alternatives. Fulbright applications are being turned in more than ever before. Feedback on the new format of Freshman Preceptorial from students and professors has been positive so far.

Farler-Westphal reported on the Board of Trustees finance committee. She said the audit on the college “turned out very well,” as the college has a positive endowment of about $15 million endowment and $138 million in assets. The return on Knox’s investments is close to that of Columbia University, which had the highest investment returns of the Ivy League. The advancement committee met with Director of Admissions Paul Steenis, who told them about new recruitment techniques and working on retention.

As for Knox’s current population of students in relation to housing, Noth said, housing is at about 99 percent capacity.

“Everyone recognizes the housing problem and now the Board knows about it,” Noth said.

Senate discussed a new washing machines resolution to have non-coin-operated washers and dryers. After a 23-minute debate resulting in striking four out of the five clauses, Senate passed a one-line resolution to present to Director of Facilities Scott Maust saying, “Be it resolved that it is the opinion of the Student Senate that the new washers and dryers for next year should not be coin operated.”

Safety and Services chair sophomore Paul Brar said he was working on providing condoms to give to all residential advisors. He said he would spend Senate money and purchase the rest of the condoms he was not able to obtain. In addition to purchasing the condoms, Brar proposed “personalizing the condoms.” Senate voted on whether the condoms should have a sticker on the condom wrappers that says “Student Senate supports safe sex!” and that was approved.

Finance committee approved $100 to Quiver, a collection of genre webzines, for their release party; $130 to S.P.I.C.E, a mentoring club, for printing costs and $30 from the restricted fund for glitter for the workroom. As of Nov. 3, the discretionary fund is $34,088.52 and the restricted fund is $159,909.30.

Committee reports

Dining Services ­— There will be limes in the cafeteria for a week, and if there is enough consumption and feedback, it will continue to have limes. Avocados will be provided sometime in their growing season between March and September. There will be new hand-held menus in the Gizmo, and the committee is working with Sustainability for the Green Fee.

Safety and Services — Brar said he picked up about 500 condoms from the distributor. The committee decided to postpone the campus safety walk – where students walk through campus to point out places they deem not safe – usually held in the fall to spring due to lack of student involvement. It is still working out the details of one central lost and found location.

Executive Committee of the Faculty — The faculty committee talked about reducing the number of credit requirements for graduation from 36 to 35.

Sheena Leano

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