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Fundraising with football

Over 20 students forming four teams battled on the gridiron on Saturday, foremost to raise funds for Galesburg High School North, but also to have fun.
Mortar Board raised around $220 during the event that will help the new alternative school with basic school supplies.
“[GHS North] is having a hard time raising funds for their school, so we decided to help them out,” Mortar Board Interim Treasurer senior John Cusimano said.
This event is the start of an increase of direct philanthropy by the organization this year.
“I’m really excited to see Mortar Board do something this year,” post-baccalaureate Tim Schmeling ‘11 said. Schmeling, who was a member of the organization last year, is excited that Mortar Board is hosting more philanthropy events.
The four teams, Delta Delta Delta (Tri-Delta), Pi Phi, Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) and the Knox Rugby Team faced off at the Knosher Bowl during the three-game tournament. The Knox Football team helped out in the tournament, filling a few positions on the team as well as officiating the tournament.
For some it was a new experience playing football, but they still enjoyed the relaxed setting to learn the game.
“I don’t really know football, and I thought it would be a low-stakes learning experience,” senior Amy Miller said.
The first round provided for two tight battles between KKG and the Knox Rugby Team and Tri-Delta and Pi Phi. Both games went into overtime after hard-fought and low-scoring battles.
The Knox Rugby Team was able to finally score during the second overtime in a 21-14 victory. The second game was even more tightly fought with strong defense by both teams. Tri-Delta was able to pull out a 14-7 comeback victory after overtime.
The championship game was likely to be just as close as the first round, but that was not the case.
“We are going to have fun and be a little aggressive,” freshman Jason Deedrick said. Deedrick, a teammate on the Knox Rugby Team, hoped that this mentality would push them to victory in the final game.
Tri-Delta was able to come out of the gates gunning for the end zone. By halftime they had a commanding 14-0 lead.
Tri-Delta’s mindset was a bit different than the Rugby team during the tournament.
“Having a good time and being a team was our mindset during the game,” sophomore Bekah Lauer said. Lauer and her Tri-Delta teammates kept on the gas in the second half, pulling further away while keeping the rugby team out of the end zone.
The team from Tri-Delta walked away with the championship with a final score of 28-0.
“I really hope to continue this next year and get more teams to come out and support Mortar Board,” Lauer said.
Organizers in Mortar Board were happy with the turnout of the tournament and were glad to be able to raise the money for GHS North.
“It’s good to see your money go directly to your community,” Cusimano said.
The fundraiser allowed the group work towards fulfilling the national project, Reading is Leading.
“We hope to support other places in Galesburg in relation to our national project,” Mortar Board Philanthropy Chair senior Clara Volker said.

John Williams

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