Discourse / November 16, 2011

Gizmo Quizmo for the week of Nov. 17-24

Every week, on Wednesday at 8 p.m., the Gizmo Quizmo is given out in the Gizmo. These are the questions, with the percentage of students who answered correctly in bold.

1. Name the South American camel relative that warned man about the impending flood, according to Incan legend. 12.5%

2. In 1939, Nestle introduced an instant form of which non-milk product? 12.5%

3. Which nation’s territory includes the Great Barrier Island & the Antipodes Islands? 43.8%

4. Lorenzo Ghiberti is best known for the bronze doors he designed for the baptistery in which city? 31.3%

5. Sartre’s “Les Chemins de la Liberte” was originally intended to be comprised of how many volumes? 6.3%

6. The Celsius temperature is also called what, meaning “divided into one hundred parts”? 50%

7. The famous words “the unexamined life is not worth living” were first written in what language? 25%

8. Which sports star did Gisele Bundchen marry in 2009? 31.3%

9. During shooting, the cast and crew of 1997’s blockbuster Titantic was served lobster chowder laced with which illegal drug? 18.8%

10. Which comedian was recently voted in to host the Golden Globes for a third time? 18.8%

Low Score: 0

High Score: 5 (Hali Engleman ’13, Maggie Linck ’12))

Average Score: 2.6

Best Answer: #2, “Avocado” (Andrew Stocker ’13)

Correct answers: 1-Llama, 2-Coffee, 3-New Zealand, 4-Florence, 5-Four, 6-Centigrade, 7-Greek, 8-Tom Brady, 9-PCP, 10-Ricky Gervais

Erin Duff

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